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Just as the spread of smart watches and smartphones is unlikely to ever lead to the complete disappearance of wall clocks, so flip calendars will soon disappear from the walls of apartments and offices.

Flip calendars are a great option for advertising and souvenir products. Presented to partners, company employees or customers, such a calendar will be sure to be used for its intended purpose and to remind about the company, create its favorable image or contribute to team building.

The desk calendar can also become a home decoration. Posters and photo collages perfectly complement the style, but over time they can "merge" with the environment. The desk calendar will not let you forget about yourself - in December it will definitely remind you that you need to update it, and at the same time the interior. And to create a new calendar mockup, photos from all the photo shoots that took place during the past year will come in handy.

In the online calculator, a wide selection of desk calendar formats is available, and in the editor, various thematic templates.

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