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If with the phrase “calendar-poster” in my head there is a persistent association with a calendar hanging above the kitchen table with pastoral motifs or still lifes, then, frankly, the reality has long been different. The calendar poster today is both the calendar itself and the advertising space, and - with excellent design abilities - a work of art and home decoration.

Calendar poster can be used in interior decoration. Choose suitable colors or make it black and white; select photos or illustrations; on the contrary, discard them, preferring typography or lettering; make an imitation of a passe-partout or continuous filling; add a calendar grid, consistent in style, and not looking alien and rude; determine the size - and the result will be a unique poster, unobtrusively performing the function of a calendar.

The size of the calendars, posters allowed them to take their place in advertising: as a gift to partners, customers or employees, it will be perceived with joy because of its practical function, and the placed advertising information will always be in their sight.

In the online calculator, you can choose the calendar format, orientation, and in the editor - a ready-made template where you can insert photos. You can load your own layout. A calendar poster is made of coated paper, but other materials can be used if desired.

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