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The distribution of photo cards took place at the beginning of the twentieth century, when an unusual photo paper appeared on the sale, on the reverse side of which there was a marking for the address, message text, and brand. Images printed and   developed on   such paper were used as Postcards

Today's cards are   — this is a way to design photos, endow them with   high aesthetic and   presentation qualities. By themselves, the photographs represent a finished work and, now, they can serve not only as postcards, but as nbsp; and   be an alternative to photobooks and   albums. Photo cards printed with   mats are easy to integrate into   interior   — here you can not   worry about   photo frames. dvertising companies for goods and services, where it is important to focus on   style and   elitism; portfolio making; professional design of photographs; preparation of exhibition and   presentation materials   — here are those   areas where the use of photo cards favorably enhances the impression of   their   direct content

To order print photo cards right on site by selecting the format and   paper type in   calculator and   uploading snapshots to  

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